Goodbye Cracked Lips- DIY Lip Scrub

IMG_3819Whether it’s the middle of a freezing winter or  blazing summer time, I can’t seem to ditch chapped lips. Mine are constantly cracked and hurting. Yuck.

I’ve experimented with many different types of lip scrubs but this one has definitely worked the best for me. Brown sugar, coconut oil and honey. Yummmmy!


I do a big scoop of the brown sugar into a cute little mason jar or something small with a lid, pour in the coconut oil then top it off with a big glob of honey. Mix it on up and use your fingers or a lip gloss brush to smudge it all over.




This stuff works wonders.

Anyone else have this chapped/cracked lip prob all the time?! Please share what you do to fix it!

x, c


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